Walter Mentzel

Historian; 1997 doctorate at the University of Vienna/Department of Contemporary History on war refugees and refugee policy in the Habsburg monarchy and early First Republic; 1995–2004 employed in the Österreichische Gesellschaft für historische Quellenstudien in the Austrian State Archives (edited in several volumes of cabinet records in the First and Second Republic); collaboration in contemporary history research and book projects and exhibitions; since 2007 employee and provenance researcher in the University Library of the Medical University of Vienna/history of medicine branch library; member of NS provenance research working group of the Vereinigung Österreichischer Bibliothekarinnen und Bibliothekare (VÖB) (Association of Austrian Librarians); managing director of Netzwerk – Arbeitsgemeinschaft freiberuflicher HistorikerInnen; other focuses: history of photography, war refugees and refugee policy in the First World War, contemporary Austrian history; further information on research and publications:

Alfred Arnstein was born in Vienna on 26 June 1886 as the son of the lawyer Emanuel Arnstein and Regina Hahn. He married Hildegard Arnstein, née Baum, in 1920.

The Gesellschaft der Ärzte in Wien (GdÄW), founded by researchers in the Medical Faculty of the University of Vienna and doctors at the Allgemeines Krankenhaus (General Hospital) in Vienna in 1837, established itself in

Sassenbach library was named after Johannes Sassenbach (12 October 1866 – 19 November 1940), a German trade unionist, SPD politician and co-founder of the trade union publishing and library activities.

Nachim (Nachum) Chefez, the son of Litmann Leib and Gittel Chefez, married Lea Leah (Lotte), née Heller in March 1901.

Leopold Detoni was an amateur photographer, photojournalist and from 1922 at the latest owner of Fotofachverlag Josef Detoni in Vienna.

Julius Drey was born in Vienna on 1 May 1858, the son of Lazarus Drey and Babette, née Cohn. He studied in the Medical Faculty of the University of Vienna and completed his doctorate in 1882.

Alois Fantl was born on 27 April 1873 in Wittingau, Bohemia (now Třeboň, Czech Republic), as the son of Karl and Therese Fantl. In 1902 he married Bertha, née Pokorny, and they had a daughter, Margarethe.

Otto von Fürth was the son of Josef Ritter von Fürth (1822–1892), a factory owner and member of the Reichsrat and the Bohemian Landtag, and Wilhelmine (1832–1904), née Forchheimer.

After completing his apprenticeship as a bookseller, Karl Günther, son of a Viennese printer, joined

From 1903, Ludwig Gutmann was an employee in the studio of the photographer Nikolaus Stockmann in Vienna and from 1905 a licensed photographer with premises at Währinger Straße 18 in the 9th district, where he had

Adolf Irtl studied medicine and after being awarded a doctorate in medicine and surgery in 1892 opened a medical practice at Alser Straße 16 in Vienna's 9th district.

Egon Jelinek, son of the photographer Paul Jelinek (1878–1940), was active in the Austrian NSDAP ("Hitler movement", Brigittenau) from 1921.

Raoul Fernand Jellinek was the son of Emil Jellinek, a diplomat, businessman and consultant to the Daimler-Motorengesellschaft, and Rachel Carmen Jellinek, née Gogman-Azoulay.

On completion of his education at commercial college, Johannes Katzler worked until 1924 in his parent's company in Vienna.

Hans Peter Kraus was born in Vienna on 12 October 1907 as the son of Emil and Hilda Kraus (née Rix). After graduating from the Handelsakademie in 1925, he trained as a librarian from 1925 to 1927 at Universitätsbuchhandlung R. Lechner in Vienna.

Fritz Lejeune studied medicine, dentistry and comparative linguistics at the universities of Bonn and Greifswald.

Richard Löwi studied in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Vienna, where he obtained his doctorate in 1905. In 1907 he opened a general practice at Novaragasse 20 in Vienna's 2nd district, where he also lived with his family.

Franz Löwy was married to Rosa (Lisl), née Rosner. The couple had two daughters, Liselotte and Marianne Franziska Löwy, married Marty. Franz Löwy began his career as a photographer in Paris and then travelled to numerous European cities to continue his training.

The psychiatrist and medical historian Max Neuburger was head of the Institute of the History of Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Vienna from 1914 to 1938.

Gustav Nohynek is thought to have started his career as a photographer in the early 1930s.

Wilhelm Pollak attended the Graphische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt in Vienna in 1914/15 and worked from 1 March 1927 as a commercial photographer.

Carl Julius Rothberger, son of a clothing manufacturer and founder of the Jacob Rothberger department store on Stephansplatz in Vienna, did not join the family business like his brothers Moritz, Alfred and

Arnold Schalita, son of Meier Schalita and Maria Schalita (née Orlova), lived from 1904 in Vienna and was married to Frieda Schalita (née Prager, born 1882). Until 1938 their home was Am Fasangarten 31 in the 12th district. Schalita became a commercial photographer in 1905.

Abraham Schein is thought to have arrived in Vienna from Russia shortly after 1900, where he worked from 1904 as a commercial photographer.

Maximilian Weinberger was married to Hermine, née Schereschewsky (born 5 November 1884 in Vienna).

Leo Weiser, recte Leiser Weisser, from Galicia, opened a mail order business with bookstore at Kaiserstraße 89 in Vienna's 7th district in January 1924, with a further outlet at Tuchlauben 5 in the 1st district from September 1929.

Oskar Weitzmann was the son of the photographer Jakob Weitzmann and Rosa, née Löwenthal. His five siblings, Berthold, Bronia, Josef, Osias and Willi Weitzmann, also worked in photography in Vienna.

Salomon Weitzmann from Mostyska, Galicia, brother of the Viennese photographer Jakob Weitzmann, worked from the mid-1880s as a photographer in Vienna and in 1892 joined the Verein photographischer Mitarbeiter (Association of Photography Employees).

Maria Wölfl began an apprenticeship in 1923 with the Viennese photographer Trude Fleischmann, which she completed in 1925 with the journeyman's examination and attendance at the Graphische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt in Vienna.