Löwi, Richard

Richard Löwi


10 February 1880 Vienna – after February 1941 Opolo ghetto

Richard Löwi studied in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Vienna, where he obtained his doctorate in 1905. In 1907 he opened a general practice at Novaragasse 20 in Vienna's 2nd district, where he also lived with his family. He married Sophie Löwi, née Heller (born in 1899) in 1923 and had two children, Margarete Berta and Robert. Because of his Jewish origins, Richard Löwi and his family were subject to increasing repression following the annexation of Austria to the Nazi Third Reich. In his asset declaration of 15 July 1938 he listed partial ownership of properties in Vienna, including the apartment building at Novaragasse 20 in the 2nd district, along with a gold pocket watch, a wedding ring, a tie pin and a private library. The medical inventory of his surgery, which he was subsequently obliged to renounce, was assessed by F. Reiner & Co. The properties were expropriated and sold. Löwi hoped to use the proceeds to flee the country with his family. But it was too late. He and his wife Sophie and the children were deported on 15 February 1941 in the first of two transports from Aspang train station to the Opole ghetto in the district of Lublin in the Generalgouvernement. The whole family was murdered there.

According to an entry in it, a book with the handwritten name of Richard Löwi – confirmed by comparison with other written samples as having belonged to his private library – was purchased on 3 February 1942 by the Institute of the History of Medicine, now Zweigbibliothek für Geschichte der Medizin (history of medicine branch library) from Antiquariat Alfred Wolf. The heirs are currently being sought so that the items can be restituted.

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