Suschitzky, Brüder – Anzengruber Verlag (Vienna–Leipzig), booksellers, antiques, lending library

Brüder Suschitzky – Anzengruber Verlag (Wien-Leipzig), Buchhandlung-Antiquariat-Leihbibliothek


Brüder Suschitzky – Anzengruber Verlag (Wien-Leipzig), Buchhandlung-Antiquariat-Leihbibliothek was founded in 1901 by the bookseller Philipp Suschitzky (born 14 December 1875) with his brother Wilhelm (born 22 December 1877) at Favoritenstraße 57 in Vienna's 10th district, originally as a retail and antique bookshop, and expanded in 1911 through the addition of Anzengruber-Verlag Brüder Suschitzky. These two companies were linked to Phillip and Wilhelm Suschitzky's commitment to the Social Democratic Workers' Party of Austria (SDAPÖ). Their publishing programme including pacifist and socialist literature, and books on gender issues, free-thinking and social and sexual reform. By the end of the 1920s the bookshop and its owners came into conflict with political opponents and from 1933/34 they were subject increasingly to police reprisals (searches, book confiscations and court proceedings). After Wilhelm Suschitzky's suicide on 18 April 1934, his widow Adele (née Bauer, born 1878) took over a 50 per cent share in the company.

After the annexation, the bookshop was placed under provisional administration because of the Jewish origins of its owners. Since Aryanization of the company, classified in Nazi jargon as "Jewish-Marxist-pornographic", was rejected by the Zwangsgilde der Wiener Buch-, Kunst- und Musikalienhändler in the Reich Literature Chamber (RSK Austria branch), the bookshop and publishing company were closed. On 21 October 1938 the liquidator Herbert Schreiner filed for bankruptcy and the premises were closed. The stocks were transferred in early March 1939 to the auction rooms of Vienna Commercial Court. The sale was not completed until 17 March 1941, and the company was officially deleted from the register on 9 December 1941. The books came onto the antiques market. One was purchased by the Institute of the History of Medicine in February/March 1943 from the Viennese antiquarian Karl Stark. At this time Philipp Suschitzky, who had fled to Bouafle, France, in March 1938, had already perished. He and his wife Olga (née Hirschler, born 12 June 1862) had been deported from Drancy on 11 September 1942 to Auschwitz and murdered there. Adele Suschitzky had fled in 1938 to London, where she died on 24 May 1980.

The book was identified as belonging to Suschitzky from the stamp "Buchhandlung Brüder Suschitzky". In May 2014 it was returned by the University Library of the Medical University of Vienna to the legal successors of Philipp and Adele Suschitzky.

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