Fleischmann, Benno Carl Richard

Benno Fleischmann


25 May 1906 Vienna – 30 November 1948 Vienna

After Benno Fleischmann had completed his study of art history, archaeology, philosophy and the auxiliary science of history at the University of Vienna in 1930 with a thesis on Giovanni Bellini, he worked initially as a research assistant in the library of the Österreichisches Museum für Kunst und Industrie (Austrian Museum of Art and Industry). He was employed from June 1932 in the Graphische Sammlung Albertina, becoming a research assistant in July 1938 but was suspended in December 1938, as two of his grandparents were deemed to be Jewish. He was retired at the end of April 1939 and was replaced as curator by Georg Saiko. Fleischmann worked subsequently in the art market, particularly in Kunstauktionshaus Kärntnerstraße, before resuming on 23 April 1945 at the Albertina, where he was appointed curator 2nd class a short time afterwards. His research focused on fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Venetian painting, fifteenth-century Florentine sculpture and the history of the theatre. In that capacity, he was also the founder and editor-in-chief of the magazine Komödie.

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