Anita Stelzl-Gallian

Art historian; studied art history at the University of Vienna; since 1997 employed in the archive of the Federal Monuments Authority; since 1998 provenance researcher in the Bureau of the Commission for Provenance Research; research and publications on collections expropriated in the Nazi  period, most recently vol. 8 of the Commission for Provenance Research publication series on the files in the Federal Monuments Authority on Hitler's "Sonderauftrag Ostmark".

Caroline Reitlinger studied medicine at the University of Vienna for seven semesters from 1916. In July 1919 she married Edwin Czeczowiczka, an engineer and co-owner of the Erste galizische mechanische Baumwollweberei in Andrychów, Poland.

Elisabeth Maria Gasselseder was born in Vienna on 13 November 1903 as the daughter of the assistant notary Ferdinand Laurenz Gasselseder and his wife Gabriele Ida Olga, née Szendrödy.

Valerie Heissfeld, née Kulka, was the fifth of six children of Leopold Kulka (1838–1909) and Charlotte Kulka, née Scheuer (died 1892).

The chapel, built in 1727 by Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt and dedicated to St. Januarius, belonged to Alois Thomas Raimund Count Harrach (1669-1742).

Adele Kulka was born in Fulnek, Moravia, as the fourth of six children of Leopold Kulka (1838–1909) and Charlotte Kulka, née Scheuer (died 1892). She remained unmarried and childless.

Richard Kulka, son of the cloth mill owner Leopold Kulka and Charlotte, née Scheuer, spent his youth in the Austrian-Silesian town of Jägerndorf (now Krnov, Czech Republic), before leaving in 1881 to study in Vienna.

Anton Lanckoroński graduated from the Schottengymnasium in Vienna and then served from 1912 to 1917 as an officer in the Austro-Hungarian army. After the war and the re-establishment of the Polish state in 1918, he took Polish citizenship.

Johann Hugo Wilhelm Morawitz was born in Lojowitz (Lojovice) near Prague as the second son of Edgar Ritter von Morawitz, former lieutenant in the Austro-Hungarian army, and Kunigunde Elisabeth Mercy Austerlitz.

Edith Podlesnigg was enlisted from the start of 1939 until summer 1942 for war service in Vienna in the air raid warning service, first in the police and then in the Luftwaffe.

Alfons Thorsch was born on 21 May 1872 in Vienna as the only son of Markus David and Anna Thorsch, née Behrend (1844–1922).