Kolb, Arnold Herbert

Arnold Kolb


9 November 1875 Ungarisch Skalitz (now Skalica, Slovakia) – declared dead as of 8 May 1945

The valuable interior furnishings of Alice and Arnold Kolb at Margaretenstraße 78 in Vienna's 5th district, including works by Josef Danhauser and Carl Schweninger, were listed in 1922 by the Bundesdenkmalamt (Federal Monuments Authority) in a request for housing. In December 1937 the couple had only just completed the conversion of one of their establishments, the Marshal buffet and restaurant at Kärntnerring 21 in the 1st district and therefore absolutely refused to sell it in 1938, as was suggested to them on account of their Jewish origins. According to the asset declarations that Arnold Kolb and his wife had to make, they also owned Margaretener Bürgerkino at Margaretenstraße 78 and the operating assets of Automatenbauanstalt at Kärntnerstraße 59. When the restaurant and cinema were Aryanized, the interior furnishings were handed to Wiener Kunstauktionshaus Kärntnerstraße for auction. Along with numerous other furnishings, Josef Danhauser's portrait of Ladislaus Pyrker was sold in 1940 at the Große Wohnungsauktion (major home furnishing auction) at Margaretenstraße 78. The lawyer Erich Führer was the trustee in charge of the assets and organized the sales of the expropriated property. The Kolbs managed to send some household items to relatives in Trieste in 1939 and 1940, but they themselves were no longer able to escape the Nazi persecution machinery. Alice and Arnold Kolb were deported on 2 June 1942 to Minsk ghetto and subsequently murdered at Maly Trostinec extermination camp.

In 1946 the Österreichische Galerie purchased the portrait of Ladislaus Pyrker from Rudolf Sajovic, section head in the Ministry of Finance. In 1948 Erich Egon Kolb and Hans Georg Kolb, the heirs of Arnold and his brother Rudolf Kolb, applied for the restitution of the Margaretener Bürgerkino and the other properties owned by their parents, which ended in settlements and restitutions. In 2008 the Art Restitution Advisory Board recommended the restitution of the Danhauser painting. It was returned to the heirs of Arnold and Alice Kolb in 2010.

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