Maria Dietrich was born on 28 June 1892, the daughter of the butcher Heinrich Anton Georg Dietrich and Maria Dietrich, née Krach.

The entrepreneur Alexander Beer from Moravia lived from 1911 with his wife Adelheid née Gyurits (1867–1955) in Baden near Vienna. Over the years, he put together an extensive art collection focusing on nineteenth-century Austrian art.

Josef (Sepp) Finger studied at the Handelsakademie and was employed from 1919 in a Vienna bank. In 1926 he emigrated to Turkey, living in Ankara and Constantinople (Istanbul), travelling around Asia Minor and working for the Deutsche Orientbank.

After his marriage to Clara Dresel (1878–1947), Julius Freund became co-proprietor in 1902 of his father-in-law's ladies' wear company Wilhelm Dresel at Niederwallstraße 13 in Berlin.

Alois Getzinger trained as a waiter and opened a junk shop at Turnergasse 28 in Vienna's 15th district. Between 1935 and 1938 he was also an expert in effects and furniture.

Rosa Glückselig, née Heitler, was married to the grocer Moritz Glückselig (1890–1974) and had two sons. She ran the delicatessen Zur Raxbahn at Neulerchenfelderstraße 27 in Ottakring, where the family also lived.

After working in the early 1920s as Prokurist (authorized signatory) in Hans Neumann's advertising studio, Otto Löbl opened Reklameatelier Otto in January 1925 at Graben 29a (Trattnerhof 2) in Vienna's 1st district, which was one of the most successful commercial art st

After completing secondary school in Gera, Thuringia, Fritz Georg Meyer joined the Braunschweig Hussar Regiment No. 17 for a year in 1911 and then trained as an agent in the textile business in Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands and the USA.

Paul Schwarzstein was an ironmonger and metal goods dealer with a business at Freilagergasse 4 in Vienna's 2nd district (today near Vivariumgasse), initially together with his partner Arthur Stemmer and then from 1922 as sole proprietor.

The Jewish businessman Ernst Sonnenschein was registered in 1937/38 at Annagasse 3a/1/16 in Vienna's 1st district. While he managed to escape abroad in September 1938, his mother Josefine Sonnenschein (born 17 April 1885) was murdered near Maly Trostinec on 18 September 1942.

Europa-Musikinstrumenten-Gesellschaft Theodor Sternberg was owned by the Jewish businessman Theodor Sternberg. He moved in 1937 from Gumpendorferstraße 109 to Mariahilferstraße 53 in Vienna's 6th district.

Marianne Zels owned a fashion boutique in Vienna from 1899 and was technical director from 1910 to 1926 of the fashion department of the Wiener Werkstätte at Neustiftgasse 32 in Vienna's 7th district. After a short period as workshop manager at G. und E.