St. Martin, Schwaz

St. Martin in Schwaz


The sixteenth-century monastery St. Martin has been owned since 1825 by the province of Tyrol, which operated a workhouse and, from 1855 to 1928, a women's prison and correctional home. After it had been refurbished, it functioned after 1931 as an approved school for girls and young women. During the Nazi period, clerical personnel from the order of the Sisters of Charity were evicted and the institute continued as a Gau approved school. At the end of 1941 work started on transforming the basement into an air raid shelter. From 1944 library contents – the magazine collection, some of the specialist library, the Wieser library and the reference library – and objects from the Graphics Collections of the Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum were stored there. At the same time, Gauleiter Franz Hofer planned to move the approved school to Rotholz and to make the building available for the armaments industry. The plans were not implemented, however, and the approved school continued to operate. Most of the objects stored there were returned to the museum by the end of 1945, although the library contents did not arrive until 1946. St. Martin is now a socio-pedagogical centre.

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