Schönwörth, Schloss

Schloss Schönwörth


Schönwörth castle



The Schönwörth residence with its vaulted and dry rooms was chosen for storage of art objects in April 1943. The owner, Mathilde Quadt-Isny, was asked to make these rooms available to the Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum. From May 1943 to the end of 1945 the contents of the museum library, around 60,000 books, were stored in Schloss Schönwörth. They were returned by the end of 1945.

In October 1945 the museum sent several reminders to the transport company Hueber to return the last items as rapidly as possible because the rental contract was to be terminated. An accident occurred in Kirchbichl during one of the return transports, when a trailer fell down an embankment and most of the books in it ended in the Inn. Over 200 of them were damaged, mostly to the covers, and some were lost altogether.

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