Raab, Christine

Christine Raab

Porträt, Schwarz-Weiß-Foto

16 June 1893 Vienna – 28 May 1974 Vienna

née Christine Weinmann

Christine Raab worked as a civil servant from 1909, initially as a chancellery clerk in the Central Statistics Commission and later in the Ministry of Culture and Education. During the council movement (Rätebewegung), which reached its highpoint in summer 1919, she was elected as a workers' councillor in the State Office for Education. In 1923 she married Richard Raab, head of the Commercial Department of the Lower Austria Governor's Office and provincial government, who died in 1932. With effect from 1 June 1926, she was assigned to the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, where she worked as a chancellery clerk in the Collection of Sculptures and Applied Arts. In 1935 she was promoted to senior chancellery clerk. After the annexation of Austria to the Nazi German Reich, she was secretary to the provisional director Fritz Dworschak. In November 1939 she was retired pursuant to Section 3.1 of the Regulation on the Reorganization of the Austrian Civil Service, which called for the "removal of Jews, Jewish Mischlings and officials with Jewish relations" from the civil service. Thereafter she worked as a sales representative, probably in the food sector, and lived from her savings. On 18 February 1943 she entered the Gestapo files because of "disguise as an Aryan". Raab survived the Nazi period as a "1st degree Mischling" and worked again from 1945 until her retirement in 1958 as an administrative clerk in the Kunsthistorisches Museum. In May 1949 she applied to the Victim Compensation department for compensation for loss or reduction of earnings. The application was granted.

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