Heissfeld, Lotte

Lotte Heissfeld

Etikett mit blauem Rand, handschriftlich eingetragen "Eigentum Valerie u. Lotte Heissfeld"

23 January 1907 Stanislau, Galicia (now Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine) – 29 November 1983 London

After the annexation of Austria to the Nazi German Reich, Lotte Heissfeld, daughter of the k. k. Stabsarzt (Imperial Staff Surgeon) Jakob Heissfeld, and her mother Valerie Heissfeld, who lived with her, were obliged to flee Austria on account of their Jewish origins, initially to Czechoslovakia. In September 1938 they applied for export authorization to Prague for their art objects stored with Spedition Eger & Co. Permission was given for most of them to be exported duty-free, and they passed the Czech border. While Lotte Heissfeld was able to continue on 1 March 1939 to Britain, her mother was deported soon afterwards from Brno to Theresienstadt, where she perished on 13 April 1942. In the same year, Lotte lost her citizenship of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, and her assets were forfeited to the German Reich. She apparently managed to take the artworks imported to Czechoslovakia with her to Britain, as more than half of her original art collection, mainly works by nineteenth-century Austrian and German artists, was found in her London apartment after her death in 1983. During the probate proceedings, thirty artworks were identified as being the same as those listed in the export request in 1938. For that reason, in 2012 the Art Restitution Advisory Board did not recommend the restitution of On the Ligethi Puszta by Theodor Hörmann from Lotte Heissfeld's collection, which had been acquired in 1957 by the Österreichische Galerie on the Vienna art market. The whereabouts of most of her mother Valerie's art collection has still not been determined today.

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