Medical researcher

Alfred Arnstein was born in Vienna on 26 June 1886 as the son of the lawyer Emanuel Arnstein and Regina Hahn. He married Hildegard Arnstein, née Baum, in 1920.

The Gesellschaft der Ärzte in Wien (GdÄW), founded by researchers in the Medical Faculty of the University of Vienna and doctors at the Allgemeines Krankenhaus (General Hospital) in Vienna in 1837, established itself in

Julius Drey was born in Vienna on 1 May 1858, the son of Lazarus Drey and Babette, née Cohn. He studied in the Medical Faculty of the University of Vienna and completed his doctorate in 1882.

Otto von Fürth was the son of Josef Ritter von Fürth (1822–1892), a factory owner and member of the Reichsrat and the Bohemian Landtag, and Wilhelmine (1832–1904), née Forchheimer.

Until 1938, Stefan Jellinek was an extraordinary professor at the Institute of Forensic Medicine at the University of Vienna.

Fritz Lejeune studied medicine, dentistry and comparative linguistics at the universities of Bonn and Greifswald.

The psychiatrist and medical historian Max Neuburger was head of the Institute of the History of Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Vienna from 1914 to 1938.

Carl Julius Rothberger, son of a clothing manufacturer and founder of the Jacob Rothberger department store on Stephansplatz in Vienna, did not join the family business like his brothers Moritz, Alfred and

Maximilian Weinberger was married to Hermine, née Schereschewsky (born 5 November 1884 in Vienna).