Fügen, Schloss

Schloss Fügen


Fügen Castle

Fügen, Zillertal


Fügen Castle, transformed in the eighteenth century by the aristocratic Tyrolean Fieger family into a Baroque castle, was owned from 1926 under the name Bubenburg by the Seraphisches Liebeswerk, which used it as a boys' boarding school. In 1939 this institution was requisitioned by the Nazis, who established a Gau boarding school there. In 1943 the children were transferred to Jagdberg near Schlins in Vorarlberg and the castle was used thereafter for the evacuation of children. At the same time a large part of the painting collection of the Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum, around 1,300 works, was stored in the castle in autumn of that year. Another room was used to store the extensive estate of the Innsbruck jeweller and museum committee member Bernhard Höfel (around 130 paintings, minor art objects, books). The objects were returned by the end of 1945, as the Allies required the rooms and there had also been two break-ins. From 1946 the castle was used again by the Seraphisches Liebeswerk as a confessional boys' boarding school (Bubenburg St. Josef 1949).

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