Gustav Benda was born in 1846, the second of four children of Samuel and Julie Benda, in Prague, where his parents managed the Wiener leather goods company.

Ferdinand Bloch was the youngest of six children of the sugar factory owner and banker David Bloch and his wife Marie, née Straschnow. He attended the Handelsakademie in Prague and joined the family business in 1881.

Ernst Egger was born in Vienna as the son of the industrialist Bernhard (Bela) Egger (1831–1910).

David Goldmann came from extremely modest circumstances to settle in Vienna in the early 1910s, from where he worked his way up to become director of Ujpester Tuchfabriks AG in Budapest, Wollwarenverkaufs AG in Günzelsdorf and Stoffdruckfabrik in Guntramsdorf.

The industrialist and banker Rudolf Gutmann, partner in Gebrüder Gutmann and Bankhaus Gebrüder Gutmann, owned an extensive art and book collection. He started collecting in 1906.

Julius Kien was born in Uherský Ostroh, Moravia, as the third of six children. His family is thought to have moved to Vienna before the turn of the century. He owned a commercial agency on today's Rooseveltplatz in Vienna.

Max Mandl-Maldenau managed several branches of a weaving mill and leather wholesaler in Vienna and in Königinhof an der Elbe (now Dvůr Králové nad Labem, Czech Republic).

The engineer Hugo Marmorek, who from 1932 had a workshop for electrical appliances and technical articles at Brucknerstraße 4 in Vienna's 4th district, had married for a second time in 1926 to Felice Therese (née Monath), member of an art-loving family, and was registered with h

Karl Mayer was initially a partner in the company V. Mayer & Söhne founded by his grandfather and later an industrialist in Vienna. On 3 July 1890 he married Monika von Goldschmidt (1862–1908) and on 8 May 1891 their only son was born.

Little is known about the entrepreneur and art collector Robert Max Rudolf Mayer. He was born in 1873 to the silk trader Rudolf Julius Mayer and his wife Frau Louise Mayer, née Friedmann, in Vienna.

Richard Neumann came from a family of Austrian textile entrepreneurs.

Leopold Singer was born as a son of the Jewish merchant Wilhelm Singer and his wife Rosalie, née Klein in Vienna in 1869.

Käthe Susmann was an Austrian writer, women's rights activist and entrepreneur. In younger years she was a governess with Oscar Edler von Hofmannsthal and around the turn of the century she was vice-president of the Erste Wiener Gabelsberger-Damen-Stenographen-Verein.