René Schober

Jurist and art historian focusing on provenance research, twentieth-century fine and applied art and graphic arts; 2009–15 provenance research, assistant and project work in the art collection of the University of Applied Arts Vienna; 2013–15 provenance research in the Paintings Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna on behalf of the Commission for Provenance Research; since 2015 curator of the Graphic Collection of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Robert Eigenberger studied art history at the German University in Prague and wrote his doctoral thesis in 1913 on the sculptor Adam Krafft.

After attending the Graphic Arts School in Vilna (Vilnius) from 1885 to 1888, Jehudo Epstein studied from 1888 to 1894 at the

After working in the early 1920s as Prokurist (authorized signatory) in Hans Neumann's advertising studio, Otto Löbl opened Reklameatelier Otto in January 1925 at Graben 29a (Trattnerhof 2) in Vienna's 1st district, which was one of the most successful commercial art st

Margarethe Poch-Kalous studied art history at the University of Vienna and obtained her doctorate in 1940 under Hans Sedlmayr.

Moriz Reichenfeld worked from 1880 to 1907 at Union-Bank, becoming its Prokurist (authorized signatory) in 1890. Through his relationship to Gisela (Ella) Naschauer, a sister-in-law of Theodor Herzl, he was in close contact with Zionist circles.

Anselm Weißenhofer completed his Catholic theology studies in 1908 and became a priest.

Alfred Wolfgang von Wurzbach-Tannenberg started studying law at the University of Vienna but switched after the Second State Examination to Romance philology. He obtained his doctorate in 1902 at the University of Tübingen, and habilitated in 1907 at the University of Vienna.