Christina Gschiel

Studied art history at the University of Graz; 2009–13 provenance research at the Österreichisches Theatermuseum; 2014 provenance researcher in the Österreichische Galerie Belvedere – both on behalf of the Commission for Provenance Research; 2014–15 return to the Theatermuseum in the same function; co-editor of the database of provenance markings; co-author of schneidern und sammeln. Die Wiener Familie Rothberger (2010) in the Commission for Provenance Research publication series.

After studying law at the University of Vienna, Karl Ecker had theatre training at the k. k.

Joseph Gregor grew up in Czernowitz as the son of the city architect Josef Gregor. He came to Vienna in 1907 to study art history, German and music.

While still a student of German, history and geography at the University of Vienna, Franz Hadamowsky showed an interest in the theatre.

The Munich lawyer Heinrich Heim, who had known Adolf Hitler since 1920, was appointed to the Brown House in 1933 by Rudolf Hess, where he dealt with legislative questions, until he was transferred to the "Führer's