Neumann, L. T.

L. T. Neumann


Kunst- und Musikalienhandlung L. T. Neumann, named after its founder Leopold Theodor Neumann (1804–1876), opened in 1833 at the exclusive address Kohlmarkt 11 in Vienna's 1st district. Neumann was in intensive contact with artists such as Jakob Alt and Rudolf von Alt, Emil Jakob Schindler, August Pettenkofen, Anton Romako and Friedrich Gauermann. He sold lithographs and colour prints of Gauermann and Alt's views of Vienna and the popular watercolour portraits by Josef Kriehuber, as well as military leaflets printed during the 1848 revolution by the publishing company affiliated to L. T. Neumann. Neumann was appointed art dealer to the court in 1868, and his sons Theodor, Heinrich and Carl took over the company after his death in 1876. Theodor died young and Heinrich left the company to open Hofkunsthandlung H. L. Neumann in Munich in 1880, which apparently existed only until its inventory was auctioned in October 1898. In 1900, Carl Neumann transferred the business to the art dealer Julius Eymer (1859–1944) from Frankfurt, who continued to specialize in Viennese painting. His nephew August Eymer joined the company in 1919 and became a partner in 1930. His wife Helene was also active in the art market. The company upheld the tradition of dealing with nineteenth-century Austrian art and Old Masters. During the Nazi era, L. T. Neumann supplied several items to the "Sonderauftrag Linz", including the Four Seasons series by Rosalba Carriera from the expropriated collection of Hans (Jean) and Lucie Engel, and also handled ten paintings from Palais Ephrussi seized by the Gestapo in 1938. August Eymer was a member of the NSDAP and was active in the Reichskammer der bildenden Künste (Reich Chamber of Fine Arts). After the war, he was classed as a lesser offender and was able to continue the business until it was transferred in 1970 to the Viennese publisher Rudolf Kremayr (1905–1989) and liquidated a short time afterwards.

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