Alexander Friedrich Ladislaus Roda Roda was born Sándor Friedrich Rosenfeld in Drnowitz, Moravia, in 1872 and grew up in Slavonia, present-day Croatia, where his father worked as an estate manager near the village of Zdenci.

After Georg Saiko attended secondary school in Komotau (Chomutov) und Teplitz-Schönau (Teplice), he arrived in Vienna in 1910 and worked on the Österreichische Künstlerbibliographie (Austrian artist bibliography) published by the

Käthe Susmann was an Austrian writer, women's rights activist and entrepreneur. In younger years she was a governess with Oscar Edler von Hofmannsthal and around the turn of the century she was vice-president of the Erste Wiener Gabelsberger-Damen-Stenographen-Verein.