Clocks and jewellery

Alexander Grosz was born in Neusatz (Novi Sad/Ujividek) in present-day Serbia.

Hirsch Isaac Kauftheil moved with his parents in 1899 from Neu Sandez, Galicia, to Vienna. He became an independent jeweller in 1919 and married Olga Esriel in 1922.

Rudolf Maier trained as a watchmaker with Ludwig Löwenstein at Gumpendorferstraße 20 in Vienna's 6th district.

After an apprenticeship in Bavaria, Bartholomäus Schmid worked as a watchmaker in Wels in the early 1920s and then in Vienna from 1927.

Josef Ungar was a Viennese goldsmith and jeweller from Galicia. In 1912 he opened a jeweller's shop and workshop at Trattnerhof 1 in Vienna's 1st district.