Hanns Fischl was born in Brünn / Brno in 1883 and lived from 1893 in Vienna. In 1918 he left the Jewish community and converted to the Evangelical-Lutheran church. In 1927 he married Gertrude Theresia Gatscha, and lived with her in Vienna. They had two children.

Siegfried Fuchs was the son of the commercial agent Rudolf Fuchs from Deutschkreutz/Zelem and his wife Mathilde, née Grünwald. He studied law at the University of Vienna, graduating on 11 April 1908.

The transporter Paul David Herzfeld lived with his wife Stefanie at Ausstellungsstraße 45/I/14 in Vienna's 2nd district. He fled in August 1938 via Czechoslovakia to Palestine. He lived in the 1950s in Tel Aviv, where he also died.

The coin collector Leo Heymann, born in the town of Schwersenz, which with its large Jewish community was until 1918 part of the German district of Posen-Ost and in 1919 became part of Poland under the provisions o

Rudolf Kaftan studied mathematics and physics at the University of Vienna.

Ernst Moriz Kronfeld was a doctor of botany and worked, after his habilitation had been refused three times by the University of Vienna, as a culture journalist and editor for various Viennese newspapers, such as the Fremdenblatt and Neues Wiener Tagblatt.

Richard Lányi was born in Vienna as a Hungarian citizen on 9 December 1884. He originally had the surname Löwy. His parents Leopold Löwy and Johanna, née Spitzer, were from Pressburg, at the time administered by Hungary.

Paul Schwarzstein was an ironmonger and metal goods dealer with a business at Freilagergasse 4 in Vienna's 2nd district (today near Vivariumgasse), initially together with his partner Arthur Stemmer and then from 1922 as sole proprietor.

Flora Fränkel was born on 20 May 1868 as the third of ten children of Emil Fränkel and Mathilde, née Levi-Sulzer, in Hohenems, Vorarlberg. In 1892 she married the knitwear manufacturer Eugen Wilhelm in Hohenems, where her children Henriette and Karl were born.