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The engineer Samuel Bauer, the proprietor of an engineering office, was married to Gittel Breine, née Goldstein (née 1880 in Brody, Galicia). The couple lived from 1927 at Julienstraße 58 in Vienna's 18th district.

The bank clerk Emil Iwnicki and his wife Amalie, née Wunderlich (born 15 February 1893 in Przemysl), lived at Schulz-Straßnitzky-Gasse 3 in Vienna's 9th district.

Anna Kutscher from Galicia was the widow of the businessman Josef Kutscher (1880–1933). After the annexation of Austria she was considered under Nazi law to be a Jew and subject to the regime's restrictions.

Hermine Schütz was married to the doctor Emil Karel Schütz (born 1853 in Prague).

Isak Wunderlich was a master tailor and lived with his wife Scheindel, née Pohl (born 24 May 1865), at Kluckygasse 15 in Vienna's 20th district. After the annexation of Austria to the National Socialist German Reich, they were persecuted as Jews.