The industrialist and banker Rudolf Gutmann, partner in Gebrüder Gutmann and Bankhaus Gebrüder Gutmann, owned an extensive art and book collection. He started collecting in 1906.

Margarethe Hassel worked from 1909 to 1927 as a bank teller at the Creditanstalt and then for other unidentified employers in Vienna.

Carl Heumann lived from 1908 in Chemnitz, where he was a banker in Bankhaus Bayer und Heinze (from 1908 Prokurist, from 1920 co-owner of the private bank) and vice-consul of Portugal.

Ludwig Neurath, chairman of the board of Creditanstalt für Handel und Gewerbe and a widower since 1907, had an impressive art collection consisting of paintings, miniatures, sculptures, porcelain, furniture and a library.

Moriz Reichenfeld worked from 1880 to 1907 at Union-Bank, becoming its Prokurist (authorized signatory) in 1890. Through his relationship to Gisela (Ella) Naschauer, a sister-in-law of Theodor Herzl, he was in close contact with Zionist circles.

Louis Nathaniel von Rothschild was born in 1882, the third of seven children of Albert Salomon and Bettina Caroline von Rothschild. After completing his schooling at the Theresianum in Vienna, he trained as a bank clerk in Hamburg and New York.

Valentine Springer was born the sixth of seven children of the banker Albert Salomon Anselm von Rothschild and his wife Bettina Caroline. She was considered a passionate hunter, active sportswoman and enthusiastic amateur photographer.

Alfons Thorsch was born on 21 May 1872 in Vienna as the only son of Markus David and Anna Thorsch, née Behrend (1844–1922).